3 Angels Nepal

3 Angels Nepal
Pokhara-15, Kaski, Nepal
+977 61 432660
Contact Person
Dr. Rajendra Gautam, CEO/ Founder
Estd 2008
Registration Number 2060
Renewal Date 09/27/2016
Registered District Kaski
Working District Arghakhanchi, Chitwan, Kanchanpur, Kaski, Kathmandu, Palpa
Working Sectors Human Trafficking, Children, Education, Human rights, Micro Finance/Micro enterprise, Sexual minorities

3 Angels Nepal is a Social non Governmental Organization registered under the NGO act 2034; Founded in 2008 with a Vision of CREATING A SOCIETY FREE FROM HUMAN TRAFFICKING a Mission TO COMBAT HUMAN TRAFFICKING THROUGH RESCUE, PREVENTION AND REHABILITATION and a Goal being HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND SEX SLAVERY REDUCED AND AWARENESS CREATED within the Nepali communities at large; founded by an ex-Asian Aid sponsored child Rajendra Gautam. 3AN is committed to make a difference in the lives of orphans, vulnerable children, trafficked and abused girls and women. All initiatives of 3AN such as: 3 Angels Mission School (3AMS), 3 Angels Children Homes (3ACH), 3 Angels Anti-Human Trafficking (3AHT), 3 Angels Women Safe Haven (WSH), 3 Angels Community Radio 94.6 (3ACR), Prison and Community Development (PACD), 3 Angels Initiatives for Financial Sustainability (3AIFS) 3 Angels Saving and Credit Cooperative (3ASCCOL) and any other to be operated in the future will contribute to fight against human trafficking with “Cost effectiveness to increase sustainability and decrease dependency" the organizational overall strategy. 3AN is a community-focused; victim-friendly organization, committed to support, develop and empower orphans, disadvantaged children, vulnerable women and young girls. Our programs provide children with an education, in a safe and supportive environment where they can confidently share their views to bring about an enduring impact not only in their personal life but also in their community.

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Apr 03, 2017
3 Angels Savings and Co-operative Ltd. (3ASCOL)

The major aim of 3 Angels Savings and Co-Operative is to mobilize the funds generated from and within 3AN  departments and units. In addition, it has played pivotal role   in providing financial help to  trafficked  women  and  vulnerable children in need to financially equip them as an alternative means of survivals and to provide  them  an  endless opportunities.

3 Angels Community Radio 94.6 MhZ (3ACR)

As well as talking about the dangers of human trafficking and the tactics the traffickers use, we also inform communities about basic health and hygiene to help  prevent contamination; the importance of clean water, and how to stop the spread of disease. Legal counseling, Women and Children rights, and protection, Civic Education are additional programs that 3AN consider as equally important as the awareness and education to trafficking.

Advertisers and sponsored programs are a valuable source    of revenue and this is how we are able to fund our vital broadcasts. The more impact we have, the more advertisers we can attract to help fund the programs. We also rely on charitable donations, which helps pay for equipment, running costs and other resources. Our aim is to become fully self- sufficient by appealing to advertisers but costs for running a radio broadcast are  high.

3 Angels Initiatives For Financial Sustainability (3AIFs)

One of the main goals of 3AN is to be self-reliant for organizational perpetuity. Therefore, it has initiated activities towards that goal. It has been running income-generating programs such as school, bakery, garment factory,  press,  and drinking water supply,  Microfinance,  Cooperative among others, which will be further mobilized to help vulnerable women and children. It envisions initiating more such viable programs in the future. These initiatives will also serve to employ victims during rehabilitation.

Prison and Community development (PACD)

3  Angels provides  prisoners and   their children   with both practical and emotional support that can make a world of difference to their quality of life. We step in with basic provisions that are not provided by the prison authorities.  Once they leave prison we are also there to help them pick up the pieces of their lives and look forward to a  brighter future with education, training, and emotional support. Some of the children who have grown up behind bars often need specialist support in order to adapt to life on the outside  whilst their mothers can be given training so that they can eke out a livelihood for themselves and their families.

Suvatar 3 Angels Mission School

3 Angels School is ranked as one of the good schools in the region, however, the building, whilst well resourced, is a very basic, cramped structure on rented land and without room for expansion. 3 Angels Nepal would love to offer more children a better  education where  all castes mix and discrimination doesn’t exist. The rescued and the privileged, learn together. To achieve this, the plan is to build a school campus on the purchased land that will  educate twice as many children and hopefully also accommodate 13 children’s homes (with the current family model)  as these  also are currently rented and without the security of permanence.

3 Angels Nepal Children Home ( 3ACH)

The children who are taken in by 3 Angels are placed into family units where they are welcomed into the family. Many children have no memory of what it is like to be part of a real family and this is when the real healing and transformation begins, as that child discovers what it’s like to be loved and accepted.

The aim is to teach children, through nurturing, sharing, trusting, forming relationships and taking responsibility. All of these are vital emotional skills that they can pass onto their own families in the future, thus shaping the lives of future generations.

Anti-Human Trafficking ( 3AHT)

3 Angels set up small checkpoints along the Indo-Nepal border crossings to rescue/intercept trafficking and help to stop human trafficking. So far, the 3 Angels’ border monitoring stations stop an average of 12 girls being trafficked every day. Interception is the most effective form of rescue. In the past three years 3AN has been able to rescue over 30,000 women and young girls from being trafficked and sold in to Indian brothels.

Every intercepted client is counseled for family reunion. When the re-union is not possible, they are then welcomed to Women Safe Haven (A Safe and secured shelter) in Pokhara. Immediate medical care, psycho-social counseling, nutritious food, family and friendly home environment and verities of different life skills training offered to rebuild their lives for better and happy future.

Download 3AN Profile

The 3AN profile is available in pdf format. You may download for more information.

Financial Overview

The financial transaction of 3AN adheres to ‘3 Angels Financial Operation Manual 2015’ that aims to ensure systematic financial management system. The Account committee, and Procurement committee and internal audit enhance the good governance and transparency.

3AN has received ‘Tax Exemption Certificate’  from  Inland Revenue Office (IRO) Pokhara. All fund received is approved from Social Welfare Council (SWC)  and gets affiliated with the District Development   Council.

Regular financial auditing is carried by an accredited firm (Chartered Accountant) and is endorsed by the General Assembly. 3AN has incorporated FAMAS software in its accounting system. In addition, it  has well  Secured  Data and Security Plan  (DSP).Regular supervision, monitoring and evaluation is conducted by the Executive Board, Donors, Account Committee,  and the concerned  government authorities.

3AN is striving to reduce the administration cost so that the beneficiary can avail maximum  benefits.  Till  date, the administration cost is between the range of 10% - 12%. Continuous effort is made to reduce the existing administrative cost.

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