pokhara Lekhanatha -4, Ganesh Tole
Contact Person
Ananta Raj Lamsal - 9856031851
Estd 2002
Registration Number 911/2058
NFN Code No WRKAS-52
Renewal Date 10/17/2017
Renewal Validation Till FY 2074/75
Registered District Kaski
Working District Kaski
Working Sectors Education

1. Introduction

                No doubt, education is the foundation stone for development. Education, the main means, for producing quality human resource, should strength enough from the very beginning. For this, attempts, for promoting children's inherent quality and their learning attitude should be taken from the primary education providing them favorable educational atmosphere. So, in one hand the essential components-proper management, challenging curriculum, textbook, teaching aid and material, as the time demands, should be well managed and in other hand, the important aspect teachers' teaching skills, should not be ignore but must be up-graded with essential technologies and innovative methods to make their teaching learning activities effective and meaningful.

            Aiming, to challenge the burning issues this institute. CED consisting of a group of personnel who have earned long experiences in different aspects: teaching, administration, training, research works in education field, is established. It also hopes to work as a milestone, playing a great role for education development of the country by launching several formal and non-formal educational programmes.

2. Vision

To develop qualified and skilled human resources that can be helpful for improving educational environment this can be supportive for local as well as national level.

3. Mission

CED is an institution for producing educationally qualified manpower by doing different research works and providing need based training. It supports for practical difficulties of different sectors and levels to carry out their insights in teaching learning classrooms and outside as well.

2. Objectives

a.      To find out the short-coming and problems of present education system of Nepal and to suggest solutions.

b.      To study and do research on different levels of education, curriculum, textbooks and give suggestion.

c.       To promote teaching skills providing training with appropriate new methodologies to the teachers.

d.      To make the teaching learning activities effective by producing and supplying new teaching aids and materials.

e.      To produce and distribute educational materials for non-formal literacy programmes.

f.        To launch special need based and non-formal education programmes children of those who have no access of school education.

g.      To conduct different educational programmes for human welfare such as gender discrimination minimization, population, environment, health, youth's awareness, etc.

h.      To collect information I for improvement in educational management.

i.    To conduct academic programs for those who are unable to get regular class in university formal programs. 

4. Working Area

i)    Teacher training program

ii)   Teaching on school management.

iii)  Training on educational planning and research

iv)  Student counseling program.

v)   Parent awareness activities.

vi) Training SMC/TTA on members

vii)   Training on CF and Child rights.

viii) Teaching materials development

ix) Using newly develop innovation and technologies in teaching learning

x)   Coordination different organizations

xi) Co-working with government and non-governmental organization.


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